Thanks to the generous funding of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC) has been holding JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power since 2017. The arts festival, taking place from September to January of the following year, focuses on presenting local artists who are flourishing and esteemed in the global arts scene. Through a series of arts events, the festival creates an artistic experience that is innovative, outstanding, and filled with uniquely local elements.


Over the past two years, 28 arts groups were involved in JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power. Together they produced 48 live performances, a remarkable number of major exhibitions, over 300 sessions of community and school events, resulting in a remarkable outcome of up to 270,000 participants. After two years of dedicated effort in connecting local creative talents with the community, JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power is becoming one of the most anticipated annual arts festivals in Hong Kong.


Life inspires art, and art enriches life. In order to foster the exchange of ideas in society, JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power unites art groups and various organisations from the social welfare, academic and commercial sectors. Such collaboration brings about a wide range of free events, such as mobile stages that integrate with the community surroundings, creative workshops, guided tours, and open rehearsals. When art is no longer confined to the limits of conventional theatres and galleries, artists can reinterpret their works from a fresh perspective in relation to the urban environment. These interactions allow those who rarely take part in art activities to get a taste of artistic experience, and be able to relate to these artists who were born and raised in the same city.


With the support of HKADC, Hong Kong artists have showcased their works in the internationale tanzmesse nrw in Düsseldorf, Germany, China International Youth Arts Festival, “Meet in Beijing” Arts Festival, “Hong Kong Theatre Month” in 1862 Theatre and Emerging Curators Project in Power Station of Art in Shanghai, touring at Theatres in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and Thailand Biennale. Overseas arts practitioners and general audiences abroad have the chance to enjoy the finest works of art that are proudly created in Hong Kong. Having been inspired through their touring experiences, these Hong Kong’s talents are ready to further develop and put on their best works in the upcoming JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power.


The third edition of JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power will present a variety of programmes that includes dance, theatre, music, visual arts exhibition, and school activities, as well as site specific events and community celebrations. Come join us at the festival, indulge yourself with the feast of arts, joy and extraordinary cityscape!