Hong Kong Dance Federation

Established in 1978, Hong Kong Dance Federation carries forward the art of dance, encouraging and expediting dance development in Hong Kong as well as promoting cultural exchange. Besides organising major local dance events each year, the Federation has been entrusted by the government with the task of developing dance in Hong Kong. Currently, it is a member of the International Dance Council (CID) under UNESCO, as well as the contact of the Hong Kong region for the International Dance Organisation.

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    Dunhuang Reflections School Tour
    Hong Kong Dance Federation

    Dunhuang Reflections: A City Metamorphosis The School Tour consists of 3 parts: Part I: A Journey through Time (Approx. 20 minutes) Combining text, image, visual arts, etc., the mural images of the Mogao Caves are introduced to the students, including their historical context and value, the recurring characters and motifs, towards an understanding of Dunhuang…

  • Finished
    Dunhuang Reflections
    Hong Kong Dance Federation
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Dunhuang Reflections by Choreographer Felix CHEN Lei – A Dance Poem “Flourishing in the Fusion” where Illusory and Reality Weaves

/ 09.23.2019

  “Every Chinese dancer keeps in their heart the dream of Dunhuang. Re-interpreting the classic of the classics while ascending to a daring and creative breakthrough are tantamount to redefining the benchmark, challenging both the public perception and the established expectations of the academia.”In exploring the seed idea of the Dunhuang Reflections with the choreographer, Felix…

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