Tang Shu-wing x Xing Liang x Mui Cheuk-yin

Sharing the passion for furthering the possibilities of theatre art, internationally acclaimed theatre director Tang Shu-wing has joined with choreographers Xing Liang and Mui Cheuk-yin since 2012 to build a platform for collaboration across different art forms. The joint effort aims at promoting an in-depth exchange of ideas between theatre and dance, fostering translation of the dialogue into practice, while evoking the creative power and eloquence of body language to come into greater resonance. All these combine to enrich the audience’s understanding of theatre art and imagination about artistic life.

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Dance Theatre Thunderstorm A hushed confrontation

By Tinny Cheng| Translated by Renee / 09.20.2019

That summer was overwhelmed by the same flood of oppressive summer heat. In the midst of recalcitrance, the same line of showers and thunderstorms still roar across the sky……

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