Borrowed Scenery

André Chan x Jing Chin-yin Chong

“Post-colonial does not mean the end of colonialism but the concealment and complication of colonisation,” Post-colonial Tongzhi Chou Wah-shan

Organized from 14 December 2019 to 12 January 2020 at Unit 12 of the Cattle Deport Artistic Village, the exhibition Borrowed Scenery is going to explore urban development issues in the 21st century.

“Borrowed Scenery” was originally a technique used in traditional garden design, where the scenery outside of the garden are framed by various architecture elements and introduced to the premise. In this exhibition, the curators utilise a colonial building over a hundred years old as a backdrop to showcase contemporary artwork by local artists, who each tell their own life story in unique ways.

“The artists in the exhibition grew up at a time when the metropolis has already formed. To those who were brought up in the city at the end of the 20th century, their lives and the city itself are inseparable. The conflict in the past few months has exposed to the public the myriad contradictions ordinarily hidden within the intricate structure of the city.” André Chan and Jing Chin-yin Chong, the co-curator expressed, “Facing the social stalemate at the moment and their shared interest in this city, artists create works to dissect their experience of the city. Through their own observation and research, their work is a microcosm that shows universal values of their city and liberates the civic rights within.”

Participating Artists
Ko Sin Tung
Kong Chun Hei
Vvzela Kook
Sarah Lai
Lai Lon Hin
Ocean Leung

Schedule & Venue

Cattle Depot Artist Village

2019.12.14 - 2020.01.12

Free Admission

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