Borrowed Scenery

André Chan x Jing Chin-yin Chong

‘Post-colonial does not imply the end of colonialism, but rather the concealment and complication of colonialism.’

—— Post-colonial Tongzhi, Chou Wah-shan

Over the past two decades, the neo-colonisation machine disguised as neoliberalism, has given rise to the monopolisation of various public resources. The resulting uneven development causes the widespread strife within and amongst the community. As an attempt to articulate such unsettling chaos, Borrowed Scenery employs a direct and immediate artistic response and research of the local cityscape, in lieu of purely intellectual discourse. The anxieties over the city’s fate in 1990s has already come true. Born and raise in the city, the artists experienced first-hand the changes that Hong Kong has gone through in terms of the physical and humanistic geography. This exhibition is an attempt of the artists to deconstruct and open the discourse on the city landscape, which is currently held by the city’s elites, and expand the discussion into the public realm. Their art practice transverse cultural sensibility, interpretation and structural development to create dialogue in urban development in the 21st century.

André Chan,
Jing Chin-yin Chong

Participating Artists
Ko Sin-tung
Kong Chun-hei
Vvzela Kook
Lai Lon-hin
Sarah Lai
Ocean Leung
Sarah Xiao


Schedule & Venue

Cattle Depot Artist Village

2019.12.14 - 2020.01.12

Details of the related performance to be announced soon.

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