Contempo Lion Dance

Daniel Yeung

A roaring lion is flying over the Haw Par Mansion*! Joining hands again to inject new life into the traditional art of lion dance, veteran local dancer Daniel Yeung and Kwok’s Lion Kung-Fu & Dragon Lion Dance Team combine contemporary dance, nanyin,  Parkour and Silence Disco to re-choreograph their signature multimedia performance Contempo Lion Dance, which breaks the boundaries surrounding theatre. As it roams around historic buildings and the outdoors, its movements lifelike and highly stylised, the dancing lion creates a flowing landscape where the traditional and the contemporary are beautifully interlaced.

A form of folk art originating in Guangdong, lion dance has a long history combining martial arts, dance, drama, juggling, puppet show, percussion, feng shui, and many other elements. Contempo Lion Dance is a bold experiment that offers a new, contemporary interpretation of the traditional lion dance culture in Hong Kong, inspiring an unusual cross-disciplinary dialogue.

* Built in 1935, Haw Par Mansion has been listed as Grade I historic building and revitalised as Haw Par Music.

Artistic Director & Choreographer

  • Daniel Yeung

Lion Dance Choreographer & Performer

  • Kwok’s Kung Fu & Dragon Lion Dance Team

Musician & Storyteller

  • Chan Chi-kong

Creative Dancer

  • Ivan Chan
  • Icey Lam
  • Soames Lee
  • Gon Lo

Lighting Designer

  • Lee Chi Wai

Sound Designer

  • Chan Hin Hou (Bu)


  • Andy Lo

Production & Stage Manager

  • Tsui Wai Hong

Stage Manager

  • Fan Man Yan

Assistant Stage Manager

  • Leung Hei Wa

Schedule & Venue

Haw Par Music


18:15 - 19:15


18:15 - 19:15
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Free admission, by registration

The programme is approximately 60 minutes without intermission, suitable for ages 6 and above.

*Post-show Talk is available

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