Dunhuang Reflections School Tour

Hong Kong Dance Federation

Dunhuang Reflections: A City Metamorphosis

The School Tour consists of 3 parts:

Part I: A Journey through Time (Approx. 20 minutes)
Combining text, image, visual arts, etc., the mural images of the Mogao Caves are introduced to the students, including their historical context and value, the recurring characters and motifs, towards an understanding of Dunhuang culture through arts.

Part II: Performance (Approx. 20 minutes)
Excerpt performance of Dunhuang Reflections, showcasing the Dunhuang dance through a historical perspective.

Part III: Interactive Sharing (Approx. 15 minutes)
Dancers share their experiences of learning and practicing the training experiences. Students have the chance to perform and try out the various props in the performance.

Schedule & Venue

2019.10.01 - 2019.12.31

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Primary and Secondary school students (P.3 or above),
with an interest in Chinese culture, history, art and dance
Duration: Approximately 1 hour
Set-up Time: 1 hour
Suggested Venue: School hall, preferably with a stage
Equipment Required:
Dressing room for dressing and styling
Projector (connected to computer) and screen, sound system and 2 microphones, lightings for performance
No. of Participants:
(A) For stage performance, all students can be admitted into the hall per session
(B) For performance on the floor, 200 students can be admitted into the hall per session

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