Dunhuang Reflections

Hong Kong Dance Federation

The melodrama is presented clearly. Great audience response.

Tai Kung Pao

A Grand Dancing Poetry that Breathes into the Realm of Dunhuang

Inspired by the Dunhuang mural paintings, the choreography reinterprets the historical treasure in the light of contemporary aesthetics. Along the crest where the fusion of past and present flourishes, there weaves the artistic vision of Hong Kong into the Dunhuang Reflections.

Postures of “apsaras (celestial maidens) playing musical instruments” and “playing the pipa behind the back” that appear in the realm of Dunhuang are presented in front of the audience through the dance, dancers’ bodies and countenances, fusing with stage effects and flamboyant costumes. All these combine to achieve a grand dancing poetry that emphasizes both aesthetics and visual pleasure. While the audience will be amused by the fusion of present and past derived from the aesthetics of Dunhuang, they will also share with the dancers a philosophical inspiration about life.


Schedule & Venue

Auditorium, Yuen Long Theatre




Buy Ticket

$220 / $180

The programme is approximately 90 minutes without intermission.

Suitable for ages 6 or above.

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