Factory CabaretThe Memory of Herbs

Olivia Yan X O Theatre Workshop
Date / Time: 11-12 January 16:00
Location: Staircase at The Hall
Length:Approximately 45 minutes without intermission
Remark: Performed in Cantonese with no surtitles.

Adapted from the prose fiction of the same title by Chan Wai, the factory-style cabaret The Memory of Herbs unfolds the struggle of a common factory girl in the midst of change. The blooms and glooms and the ups and downs of her life story mirrors the evolution of Tsuen Wan as a small down steered by Hong Kong’s fast economic development.

This cabaret is conceived and curated by the renowned stage director Olivia Yan, together with music composers and live singers Veronica Lee and Lily Hong from girl group Arm Charm, visual designer and stylist Kay Wong from Fashion Clinic, as well as singer/song-writer Olga Chung and actor Fung Chi Yau. The team has transformed The Mills into a music stage for a retro-yet-original cabaret show to celebrate the legends of Hong Kong.

Creation & Production:
O Theatre Workshop

Curator & Producer:
Critical Mass

Olivia Yan

Deputy Director & performer:
Fung Chi Yau

Creative Cast
Arm Charm (Veronica Lee, Lily Hong)
Olga Chung

Music Director:
Veronica Lee

Original Composition:
Music: Veronica Lee, Lily Hong, Olga Chung
Lyrics: Olga Chung, Gigi Cheung, Ztephen Lee
Musician: Herman K

Visual Designer:
Kay Wong

Project Manager:
Sunny Li

Stage Manager:
Charmaine Chan

Production & Stage photographer:
Ztephen Lee

Visual Design Assistant:
Una Lo

O Theatre Workshop

It established in 2010, is based in Hong Kong with worldwide vision. Its creator is the versatile theatre extraordinaire Olivia Yan, who is a leading dramaturg, director, actress and educator all in one. She has a multi-faceted personality, can be at times powerful like fire and others gentle like water, she has a keen eye for aesthetics and a sharp sensitivity for life. Her works are wittily poetic, rooted in love and concern and always reaching out to touch people’s soul.
“O” is exclamation, is surprise, like life, like theatre, and represents Olivia’s artistic pursuit. “O” is a circle, like the infinite extension of the universe, symbolizing the impact of theatre. “O” is like the full moon, representing union, signifying Olivia’s desire to connect souls with love and concern.

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