La Sax

The Most Saxophony Party ever!

Riding on the resounding success of the last production Saxo Carnival of the Animals, La Sax teams up with the acclaimed Hong Kong magician and children entertainer Harry Wong, casting as the “theatre manager”, to take you on a spectacular musical parade of the “animals” by La Sax, amazing magic and toe-tapping fun. Interspersed between lively musical notes are explosions of laughters—so expect to be ‘blown away’!

Musical selections will include classical, jazz and modern pieces, plus a few familiar tunes, a little magic tricks and time for exciting audience engagement. Get ready for a jolly good time at this Saxophony party!

Photo: Guangzhou Opera House

Executive Director

  • Jeffrey Chan

Music Director

  • Chemie Ching

Artistic Director:

  • Wong Tak Chiu

Managing Director:

  • Natalie Yip

Project Executive:

  • Fong Pui Lam

Member :

  • Shania Chan
  • Chu Chung Him
  • Mavis Lau
  • Gabriel Li
  • Tse Wai Kwan


  • Cherry Tsang

Creative Director / Guest Appearance:

  • Harry Wong

Schedule & Venue

Sheung Wan Civic Centre


20:00 - 21:10


20:00 - 21:10
Tsuen Wan Town Hall


20:00 - 21:10


15:00 - 16:10
Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre


20:00 - 21:10


15:00 - 16:10
Buy Ticket

$200 /$250

The programme is approximately 70 minutes without intermission, suitable for aged 3 and above.

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