Literary Walk

Arts Installation: Kay Chan Music and Sound: Lam Fung
10-19.01.2020 10:00 – 20:00

Part 1
Location: Pak Tin Par St
Going through the entrance will lead you into a whole new realm, from the murals on the walls to the floor you are standing on. The interactive installation will play the magic with the hidden lines of The Memory of Herbs looming up from nowhere. Step by step, line by line, weave yourself into the story and experience the journey.

Part 2*
Location: Glass Link Bridge
Following the hints given in the artwork 1, visitors will discover the phone installation artwork near the Glass Bridge. Pause and listen to the pulse of The Mills in its driving rhythms of those early days coming from the handset.

Part 3*
Location: The Park
Walk up to The Park, you will explore the history of the site more vividly with the voice navigation, including the predated background machinery sound of The Mills in the early days, text reading and enchanting music.

* Remark: Cantonese reading is included in the audio content

Installation Design: Kay Chan Wan Ki
Kay Chan Wan Ki graduated from the School of Design of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University majoring in industrial design in 2009. Currently a product designer specialising in sustainable design, she takes part in art and design projects that promote community and environmental inclusion. Major projects are Cultural Backyard at Mody Road Garden for “City Dress Up: Seats.Together” (2017) and Tsuen Wan Yi Pei Square Playground as part of “Play is for the People” by Design Trust Futures Studio (2018). She also participated various local and overseas joint exhibitions, including “Design Co-CAMP”, “DXHK Bangkok Design Week”, “Hong Kong x ASM Community, Revive: Salted Fish”, “DMY International Design Festival Berlin”, etc.

Music and Sound: Fung Lam
One of Asia’s top composers, Fung Lam “has a distinctive voice” (The Independent). Fung Lam holds the distinction of being the youngest Chinese composer (and the first from Hong Kong) to be commissioned by the BBC, when, in 2007, he was invited to write a work for the BBC Concert Orchestra. With a focus primarily on orchestral composition, Lam nonetheless also collaborates in cross-disciplinary creations. He was appointed in 2013 as The Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation Composer-in-Residence with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and the Director of Artistic Planning.

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  • Finished
    La Sax

    Riding on the resounding success of the last production Saxo Carnival of the Animals, La Sax teams up with acclaimed Hong Kong musician and children entertainer Harry Wong to take you on a spectacular music journey, with mesmerizing melodies and toe-tapping fun. Get ready for a jolly good time at this Saxophony party!

  • Finished
    Nos mères Leurs mères

    Wong Chun Tat Ata X Theatre de la Feuille Date / Time: 11-12.01.2020 13:00 Venue: The Park Length:Approximately 45 minutes without intermission Remark: This is a non-verbal performance In those early days, mother worked hard with others as factory girls to make a living. Against the backdrop of a buzzing and bustling hum, everyone’s life…

  • Finished
    Threading Through Time

    We thread our way through each other day-after-day, expecting that we are so similar – yet so different.   Moving within the complex web of different people and architecture across the city, this is where the relationships of time, place and people weave in and out like yarn threading through us. Concluding the Jockey Club…