So Low

Lai Tak-wai

So Low tells the real-life struggles every man can relate to.

Dr Lo Wai-luk

Lai's works are often very philosophical, full of emotions yet without being emotional. The choregraphy is intricate, well-crafted and showcases the astonishing technique, making it a remarkable solo performance!

Natalia Chan

A Solo Dance The Encounter of Man and Time

Shoved and dislocated, I was squeezed –

I keep searching for my refuge on the time-space slideway

Does it really exist, that existence under siege

With time as the theme, independent choreographer Lai Tak-wai stages the fluctuation of life in the crevice of time.  Being crushed with oppression and weighed down by time, will individual alone be destined to suffer yet another defeat?

A full length solo work created by Lai Tak-wai in 2017, So Low was restaged at the City Contemporary Dance Festival in November of the same year. In 2018, the piece was featured at internationale tanzmesse nrw in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Photo: Janet Sinica

Choreography and Solo Performance

  • Lai Tak-wai

Lighting and Set Design

  • Lee Chi-wai

Video Design

  • Wilfred WONG

Music Desgin

  • LI Man Chun

Schedule & Venue

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The programme is approximately 60 minutes without intermission. Free seating, suitable for aged 6 and above.

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