The Big Happy Dying

Class 7A Drama Group

Life: Laugh or Long?

An old man misuses drugs and must be sent to the hospital at once. Yet, having found out that it’ll be a painless way of dying, he realises this is probably a once-in-a-life-time opportunity for “The Big Happy Dying” – a chance not to be missed!  Going into hospital? What a stupid choice!  His young grandson, however, persuades grandpa to live rather than die. Is life a matter of everlasting time, or just an embrace of moments that matter to you most?

The Big Happy Dying was first created in 2007. Responding to the current social landscape, the Drama Group reworked the script to explore life and death in a lively and hilarious way while entertaining and inspiring at the same time. An inevitable clash between the two generations derives a dialogue of life and death at the very last moment of life, a battle of ideologies as well as a reflection of the meaning of life itself and the attitude towards death.

Photo: Benny Luey

Artistic Director / Playwright / Song & Lyrics Composer:

  • Yatyau


  • Freddy Wong

Stage & Costume Designer:

  • Yuen Hon Wai

Lighting Designer:

  • Leo Siu

Sound Designer

  • Martin Lai

Video Designer:

  • Max Lee

Composer / Musician / Performer:

  • Yankov Wong


  • Ben So
  • Sit Hoi Fai

Schedule & Venue

Cultural Activities Hall, Sha Tin Town Hall








This programme is approximately 100 minutes without intermission.
In Cantonese.
Suitable for ages 6 or above.

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