The Happy Poor Guys

“Let go of the conflicts we have with each other, and go chase after our dreams…”

The beautiful herculean voice on the radio harks back to an era that is so familiar yet strangely distant from us. Those were the days when people would work hard in streets and alleys, making the most of their craft and skills for a better life: beauticians offered ancient face threading treatments to girls and ladies, muscular men juggled with heavy pots on their heads, young girl singers attracted passers-by with their charm and virtuosity, and hawkers shouted out their cries to sell pickled fruits and stir-fried food… In the bygone years, a common bond of solidarity guided everyone in the same boat to sail through ups and downs, bringing together all the neighbourhoods overlooked by the Lion Rock.

Thirty years on from the first appearance of the song, the land over which our city has spread is no longer the same as it was. Lofty buildings tower above the once happy land. We long for hearing the song again, for becoming part of the bond someday.

A blend of theatre, live storytelling and installation art, this new performance by Théâtre de la Feuille assembles scenes out of the flowing visual compositions and invites the audience to walk around with the performers to listen to the stories others share. Will you be able to tell, as you meander through the past and present, which is the best era of all?

28 pop-up performances are going to be toured in every corner of the community!

More details are coming soon, stay tuned with us.

    Latest Videos
    • Artist: André Chan x Jing Chin-yin Chong (Visual Art)
    • Artist: Daniel Yeung (Dance)
    • Artists: Tang Shu-wing x Xing Liang x Mui Cheuk-yin
    • Programme Preview: Lai Tak-wai So Low
    • Programme Preview: La Sax JunGo!


  • Sep Dec
    L’Orphelin School Tour
    Théâtre de la Feuille

    Part I: Pre-show Guided Session+ (Approx. 45 minutes)
    Conducted in groups, students explore the themes of L’Orphelin through warm up exercises and interactive sessions, and experience the artistic form of physical theatre: How do we tell a story with our bodies without the aid of settings and props? From whence students learn about different forms of theatre.

  • Sep Dec
    The Big Happy Dying School Tour
    Class 7A Drama Group

    Life Education Theatre A 45-minute excerpt includes interactive sessions where students are invited to share their thoughts about the plot development, leading to a discussion on the meaning of life and attitude towards death.

  • Finished
    Workshop of L’Orphelin
    Théâtre de la Feuille

    L’Orphelin, described as the Chinese Hamlet, is a luminous reinvention of an ancient legend. As with any classic, several versions exist. But is there a “true” version? Who makes this decision? In L’Orphelin, without settings, props and costumes, the performers tell their alternative versions of the classic story solely with their bodies, creating a rich…