Tang Shu-wing x Xing Liang x Mui Cheuk-yin

An Interdisciplinary Art Piece about Intergenerational Conflicts

In the 1930s, Cao Yu, in his early 20s, wrote Thunderstorm to shine a light on the darkness and corruption of the old society. The purest moral outcry from the youth established itself as a classic of the era; it is a classic depicting human desires and a piece of art transcending boundaries.

Walking through the shadow-strewn 21st century, thunder rumbles and roars loud and fierce. While the summer storm creeps in through a veil of gloom, the stagnant heat swelters just as the desperation in life endures…

Renowned theatre director Tang Shu-wing, choreographer Xing Liang and Mui Cheuk-yin join forces to reillustrate Cao’s classic with body language. Extracting the dramatic tensions and intricate literary world from the original play of Thunderstorm, the creative trio delves into the innermost thoughts of the characters. Through the combination of artistic elements like dance, mime theatre, costumes and set design, the narrative and dance styles have been refined to a minimalist yet compelling manner, exposing the bold imagination of powers and constraints. While the day in bright sunlight is yet to come, the creation stands as a far cry to reverberate the rebellious spirit inherited across the youth of every generation.

Photo: 榮軒

Schedule & Venue

Multi-media Theatre, HKICC




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The programme is approximately 70 minutes without intermission.

With Post-show Talk Free seating.

Suitable for ages 6 or above.

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