#danceless Community Workshop

There is no pre-requisite. There is no boundary. It is a bliss to let one’s body dance towards infinite space.

Unlock Dancing Plaza designs a series of community workshops based on the notion of #danceless. Mundane objects such as paper and plastic bags will become a medium, through which every individual can acknowledge one’s corporal uniqueness rather than techniques.

The dance company will invite a number of suitable participants to take part in a rehearsal workshop and get the first taste of spotlight. Towards the end, the participants will unite with the artists to perform on stage together. A refreshing experience awaits.

  • The workshop will be conducted in Cantonese. No experience needed, everyone interested in dancing is welcome.
  • Suitable participants will be selected to take part in the public showcase in December with the artists.
  • Enquiry: 2820 1024 / jcnap@hkadc.org.hk
  • Hong Kong Arts Development Council reserves the right to change the advertised programmes and artists.

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