Home and Nonhome

Leung Chi Wo
2020.11.20 - 2020.12.11

【Programme Update】

In line with the government’s latest precautionary guidelines, all bookings of the visual arts programme Leung Chi Wo Home and Nonhome Part  2 originally held from 2 to 11 December 2020 at Eaton HK will be cancelled.  No postponement will be further arranged. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.

Virtual tour of the exhibition is now available. View the exhibition Home and Nonhome at the comfort of your own home now!

In the project Home and Nonhome, Leung Chi Wo examines the immaterial and vacillating notion of “home” and proposes reflection on and counter-schema to the inertia material structure of residency. The artist transforms the non-home space, namely hotel rooms and lobby, into a space of reverberation and mediation. Home and Nonhome comprises two parts.


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In the hotel lobby, Leung re-creates his previous work Monuments for Solitude in Thailand Biennale Krabi 2018. The old telephone booth signifies a bygone way of communication between home and sojourner.


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Leung situates Open Home (Hong Kong) (2007) and a new set of installation in two hotel rooms; the two-nonhome-hotel-room setting, insofar as ruminations of the two generations, renders oscillation between different views on the idea of intimate attachment at home.

Leung sets the project in a non-home sphere whereby schema of misplacement – home in a non-home sphere – is manoeuvred; it also suggests the notion of home is essentially emotional repercussions. Rather than a physical shelter, dwelling at home infers peaceful and settled emotional conditions. Home and Nonhome ignites rhetorical mediations on recent turbulence of Hong Kong: what if “home” becomes “non-home”, and what if “non-home” calms the shattering souls?

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About the artwork

What is Home and Nonhome (Part 2) about?

Home and Nonhome (Part 2) takes place in a pair of hotel rooms and can be viewed by appointment only. Thirty monologues by different people talking about their homes will be played in one of the rooms, while the other features a new set of installations that further develop the notion of “home”.

How long can visitors experience Home and Nonhome?

The visit is approximately 40 minutes long.

Registration and Check-in

How can I visit Home and Nonhome (Part 2)?

All interested visitors must pre-book your arrival time slot online.  (Click here to book) Visitors will be asked to provide personal and contact information in order to confirm their reservation.  Once confirmed, visitors will receive a confirmation issued by HKADC within 3 working days. You will need to present the confirmation email on the day of your visit.

Where should I check-in upon arrival?

You will receive a confirmation letter with details of the check-in process before your visit.  Please bring along the confirmation email and arrive 15 minutes early to your scheduled time slot.

Can I visit Home and Nonhome (Part 2) with my friend/family?

Yes. We accept registrations for a maximum of four people per group.

Can I sign up or visit more than once?

No. Given expected demand to see the artwork, re-entry is not permitted.  If more than one booking is found under the same visitor, only the first booking will be counted.

Can I walk-in to visit Home and Nonhome (Part 2)?

Visitor must reserve a time slot via our website. (Click here to book) For the best chance to experience the artwork, be sure to pre-book and receive the confirmation pass before visiting.

Are school tours or public tours available?

There will be no public tours due to the unique and immersive nature of the artwork.

Is Home and Nonhome (Part 2) wheelchair-accessible?

Due to the immersive setting of the artwork, visitors will be required to tour around the hotel.  All areas are wheelchair accessible.

Can my children view the artwork?

The exhibition is suitable for aged 13 or above. Aged below 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

What if I miss my time slot?

Latecomers will be not accepted. Please arrive 15 minutes early for your visit.

Exhibition Guideline

Am I allowed to touch any of the art pieces inside the hotel rooms?

While you can touch and lift the sound pieces to listen closely to the recordings, please do not touch the other exhibits.  Please do not take away any arts pieces.

Can I take off the mask inside the artwork?

No. visitors must wear masks at all times.

Can I use the bathroom or facilities inside the artwork?

The use of hotel room facilities including bathroom is restricted.  If you need to go to the toilet, it is located on the ground floor of the hotel. Please call for assistance.

Can I take any food/drink inside the artwork?

Eating or drinking inside the artwork is not allowed.

Is photography or videography allowed inside Home and Nonhome (Part 2)?

Photography is allowed but we recommend you enjoy the artwork without your camera.

If you wish to share your photos, we encourage you to tag us @newartspower with #Homeandnonhome.

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