Home and Nonhome

Leung Chi Wo
2020.11.20 - 2020.12.11

In the project Home and Nonhome, Leung Chi Wo examines the immaterial and vacillating notion of “home” and proposes reflection on and counter-schema to the inertia material structure of residency. The artist transforms the non-home space, namely hotel rooms and lobby, into a space of reverberation and mediation. Home and Nonhome comprises two parts.


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In the hotel lobby, Leung re-creates his previous work Monuments for Solitude in Thailand Biennale Krabi 2018. The old telephone booth signifies a bygone way of communication between home and sojourner.


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Leung situates Open Home (Hong Kong) (2007) and a new set of installation in two hotel rooms; the two-nonhome-hotel-room setting, insofar as ruminations of the two generations, renders oscillation between different views on the idea of intimate attachment at home.

Leung sets the project in a non-home sphere whereby schema of misplacement – home in a non-home sphere – is manoeuvred; it also suggests the notion of home is essentially emotional repercussions. Rather than a physical shelter, dwelling at home infers peaceful and settled emotional conditions. Home and Nonhome ignites rhetorical mediations on recent turbulence of Hong Kong: what if “home” becomes “non-home”, and what if “non-home” calms the shattering souls?

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NOV 20 – DEC 11

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