Interactive Drama Workshop – Cantonese Opera meets K-Pop

This programme will be conducted in Cantonese.

Participating Artist: Spring Glory Cantonese Opera Workshop x Musette Tsang (One Table Two Chairs Charitable Foundation)

Other than the well-known classic repertoires, what about a modern story told with Cantonese opera?  K-Pop and Cantonese opera may seem remotely acquainted, yet there is much more beyond the imaginable. Theatre director Musette Tsang along with the Spring Glory Cantonese Opera Workshop, will spice up Chinese Opera with K-Pop elements in theatre format. Students can immerse themselves in a short drama while getting a taste of opera costumes and martial arts.

A thrilling battle is about to begin between two actors, with music, rhythm, dance and stylised movements all inspired by K-Pop and Cantonese opera. A dialogue and a try-out session will follow the short drama. It is time to step into the spotlight and learn basic moves like flicking and waving your stylish water sleeves!

Ever intriguing, Cantonese opera is composed of four elements of ‘singing, ‘acting’, ‘reciting and ‘acrobatic fighting’.  This interactive workshop promises to be an hour of refreshing experience for students who are new to Chinese Opera.

Primary 5 to Secondary 3 students, experience in Xiqu is not required
Programme Period:
January  to April 2021
Drama Performance
Post-performance Discussion
Try-out Session
Approximately 1 hour
Set-up Time:
Approximately 1 hour
Suggested Venue:
School hall/ covered playground/ indoor space
Minimum space: 10m (L) x 10m (W)
Equipment Required:
  • Dressing room for make-up and quick change
  • Audio system, projector (connected to computer) and screen
  • Lightings for performance
  • levator
No. of Participants
150 max

Application and enquiry:

  • Please fill in the application form and return by email ( or fax (fax no. 2519 9301).
  • Enquiry: 2820 1024 /
  • Hong Kong Arts Development Council reserves the right to change the advertised programmes and artists.

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