JCNAP Mobile Theatre: Between Sounds & Silence

Wuji Ensemble X Run-around Ensemble X Jaffa Lam
2021.11.06 - 2022.01.23

【Programme Update】

To comply with the latest government disease prevention regulations, JCNAP Mobile Theatre: Between Sounds & Silence (23 January 2022) held at Stanley Plaza (Amphitheatre) has been cancelled.

A Chinese music and percussion crossover gig
Popping up to bring a taste of live music back into the community

JCNAP Mobile Theatre performances are back! The upcoming performance is a Chinese music and percussion crossover gig, popping up to bring a taste of live music back into the community.

Local talents from Wuji Ensemble and Run-around Ensemble will be jamming together using pipa, guzheng, ruan and an array of exotic percussion folk instruments including cajon, jawbone and shamanic drums to create a musical soundscape. This “city musical oasis” is complete with an installation of recyclable materials by artist Jaffa Lam. This refreshing production inspires us to see beauty in everyday life and spread positive vibes around town.

Each session runs for around 25 minutes and is free to all. Come and experience the spectrum between sounds and silence!


Song List
Ambush from All Sides
As the Moon Rises (in miniature)
Yin Yang
Scene Change in the Woods


Venue Date Time
Vessel 03 (Kwun Tong)
[This session concluded successfully.
Thank you for your support!]
6.11.2021 (Sat) 2:30
Yue Man Square YM² (Atrium, L1)
[This session concluded successfully.
Thank you for your support!]
14.11.2021 (Sun) 2:00
West Kowloon Cultural District
Sunset Lawn(Next to Hong Kong Palace Museum)
25.12.2021 (Sat) 2:30
26.12.2021 (Sun) 2:30
Stanley Plaza (Amphitheatre) 23.01.2022 (Sun) 2:30

*The performance schedule and venue are possible to be changed in light of different situations. Please stay tuned with JCNAP social media platform and website for latest notice.

Participating Artists

Wuji Ensemble

“Innovation” and “a strong stylistic identity” are the credo of Wuji Ensemble. Since its establishment in 2003, the group has pursued its commitment to creating a performing platform for local musicians, cultivating cultural insights and artistic endeavours. It regularly commissions new works, as well as rearrangements of Chinese and Western classical music, putting together innovative, cross-disciplinary and multimedia theatrical productions. The Ensemble is now a fully-fledged professional group. It aims to continue paving new paths for creative expression using tradition as the axis and drawing inspiration from both East and West, with myriad possibilities for interpretation and technology.

Wuji Ensemble has presented many large-scale multimedia performances and activities, with productions such as When Petals Fall in Serenity, Beyond the Senses, Sands and Beyond, Śūnyatā and Tranquil as a Chrysanthemum.  It has released two CDs, The Impression of Wuji Ensemble and Ruan’s Touch of Fancy. In 2012, its “Images of Dunhuang” project presented themed concerts, lectures, cultural workshops, and masterclasses. The Ensemble has also established Taiwan, Beijing and Shanghai subgroups to further its musical exchanges and reach out to wider audience.

In 2019, Wuji Ensemble presented Boundless Groove, its first foray into jazz, using a fusion of Chinese and Western instruments and styles. The production was staged again at the inaugural Freespace Jazz Fest in the same year.  Its latest project, Boundless Groove—Recurrence was streamed online in January 2021.

Lam Tsan-tong


So Pui-yi


Au Yuen-ying


Run-around Ensemble

A professional and unique local percussion group, Run-around Ensemble was established in 2013. “Eco, Innovative and Arts” is their mission and always will be. Combing the cajon and other ethnic and self-made eco-friendly instruments with own creative musical works, the ensemble would like to share with audiences of all ages, not only on stage but bringing their music to the community as well.

The “run-around” element started in their debut street performance on 2014 in Causeway Bay. A year after, they have visited Tycoon Percussion in Thailand to explore and study in-depth the cajon’s manufacturing process. In the same year, Percussive Arts Society Hong Kong invited them to participate in the Rhythmic Spectrum 1.2 performance. In 2015, they were invited to perform at The Hong Kong Percussion Competition 2015.

In addition to giving a well-qualified performance, Run-around also contributes to the community by offering a Cajon Workshop for Music Children Foundation in 2016 with the intention of sharing the enjoyment of music families. In the same year, Run-around was invited to perform at The International Hong Kong Percussion Convention. In 2019, they also performed in the Hong Kong Pavilion of the Chinese International Import Expo in Shanghai.

Margie Tong

Kathleen Kwan

Lee Tsz-yan

With the permission of Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra

Jaffa Lam

Jaffa Lam (b.1973) is a sculptor specializing in large-scale site-specific works of mixed-media sculptures and installations, which are primarily made with recycled materials. She is interested in non-verbal conversations and dialogues exploring issues related to local history, culture and current affairs. She contemplates themes such as public art, loss and revival of traditional craftsmanship, the cycle of human beings and objects, and capturing seemingly trivial human stories in the greater flow of history.


Lam has been involved in various public art and community projects in Hong Kong and overseas, including the Fukutake House Project of the Setouchi Triennale (2013) in Japan, Hong Kong Week (2015) in Taiwan MOCA, China 8_ New Figuration – Narrative Scupture (2015) in Germany Lehmbruck Museum ,  A New Dynasty- Created in China (2015) in AroS Aarhus Art Museum, Denmark, Wuzhen International Contemporary Art Exhibition (2016) in China and Lyon Lumières (2018) in France, 2020 Women Artists International Biennial of Macao . She received the Désirée and Hans Michael Jebsen Fellowship from Asian Cultural Council  in 2006. In 2010, Perspective Magazine listed her in their 40 UNDER 40, recognising the next generation of design talent. She was also one of the awardees of the Secretary for Home Affairs Commendation Scheme as a result of her long-term contributions to the promotion of art and culture.


She is now the Academic Head of Hong Kong Art School and Chairperson of Hong Kong Sculpture Association. She was the founder of former Hong Kong International Artist Workshop (2004–2010), guest host of a weekly art programme on Metro Radio (2014–2020) and column writer for Delta Magazine (2014–2020).

Jaffa Lam

Installation and Musical Instrument


The installation is made from recycled materials collected from the community, including trolleys, and iron pipes. Jaffa Lam says, “We have forgotten to pay attention to our surroundings in the pursuit of speed and efficiency, especially the people and things in old communities. Through this installation of recycled materials, I hope people can treasure seemingly insignificant things around us. Additionally, this programme provides a precious opportunity for artists to tour around different locations and exchange with audience of all ages and background.”

Musical Instruments

Ethnic musical Instruments

Daily Housewares

Share Programme


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