The Annual Arts Festival for Hong Kong

Hong Kong arts has developed a prosperous arts scene, and has cultivated a wealth of talents whose works were greeted by the global arts scene with acclaim. Thanks to the funding of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC) has presented the JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power since 2017. The Festival, comprising more than 100 arts events from September to January every year, brings together established and emerging local artists who flourished and received accolades worldwide to produce well-received, creative and engaging arts experiences filled with local elements for all. With its unique vision and exciting line-up of events, JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power has developed into one of the most anticipated arts festivals in Hong Kong.

As an active champion of promoting outstanding Hong Kong artists, JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power organised 34 performance programmes and a number of multimedia installations as well as exhibitions over the four years since its inception. Artists are provided full-pledged support to be focused on perfecting their works with further refinements in content and production. The Festival features a diversity of art genres including music, dance, theatre, xiqu, opera, experimental theatre as well as multi-media installations and visual arts.

Celebrating innovation and ingenuity, JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power explores unique settings and locations in Hong Kong alternatively to provide a more spectacular viewing experiences for the audience. The JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power team works incessantly with the artists and venue partners in creating a wide range of well-received programmes. For example, Kingsley Ng presented after the deluge in 2018 using the underground Tai Hang Tung Storage Tank as an exhibition venue for the very first time. The Zaan Bak Fo exhibition in 2017 by Annie Wan took place at a traditional grocery store in Ping Shek Estate. The 2019 dance programme Contempo Lion Dance by Daniel Yeung was performed at Haw Par Music, a Grade I historic building.

JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power also presents the “Mobile Theatre” in different districts of Hong Kong. In addition, cross-disciplinary artists are invited in the planning and production of the grand finale event “Art Walk” with participants threading their ways through important landmarks and surrounding neighbourhoods. The event allows those who rarely take part in art activities to get a taste of artistic experience, engaging arts, performance, architecture, the community and more in a collaborative, cross-medium arts project.

A wide offering of JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power school programmes in both arts education and arts experiencing are tailored to all levels of education including tertiary, secondary, primary and kindergarten students. Through activities such as open rehearsals, school tours, workshops and master classes, students develop creativity and a myriad of skills in their journey of growth as they gain exposure to different arts disciplines.

Arts emanate from life and also nourish our lives. JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power actively partners with organisations from various sectors in presenting workshops, forums, exhibitions, guided tours to encourage exchange between local artists and members of the society. Through the arts festival, people of different ages, backgrounds from all walks of life including seniors, individuals with special needs, youths in residential homes and persons in custody are given opportunities to approach, participate and experience in arts.