Art Talk

Art Talk

#1314 – Physical Theatre and Spoken Words

Taking William Shakespeare’s sonnets as inspiration, Artistic Director of Théâtre de la Feuille Ata Wong with creative actor Chu Pak Him and others, explore the mesmerising interplay between words and the movement of the body in this powerful play. Let’s get into the world of deconstruction and reconstruction.

Art Talk  Leung Chi Wo

The Notion of “Home” is a Recurrent Subject in Leung’s Artistic Practice

The notion of “home” is a recurrent subject in Leung’s artistic practice. Leung first created Open Home in 2007 after visiting a number of local residences to explore the living spaces of Hong Kong people and their intimate relationship with it. The project, which was viewed in a flat by appointment only, featured 30 monologues by different people talking about their homes. “I worked on this project from 2005 through 2008,” says Leung.

Art Talk  未分類

Arts Talk: New Normal for The Arts amid the Pandemic

In the first half of 2020, cities and countries started to barricade themselves while social distancing became the new normal. All group activities have come to a pause with
the once-bustling arts venues now closed. Hong Kong is not immune from these measures, prompting the cancellations of arts programmes. The performing arts sector may become harsher than a Siberian winter, but art is known for its will to survive and thrive. In fact, as we try to stay sane while confined at home, arts and culture becomes an indispensible channel to stay connected with the world. Opportunities do arise from crisis, and the new normal for life during the epidemic may not be as insufferable as imagined.