Mo4 Ngaan5 Tai2 – Juk6

Terry Tsang


Sculpture x Dance – A study on desire

Imperfection gets one striving for perfection. Once the desire to be perfect grows, where will it end?

In this study on the body and desire, choreographer Terry Tsang ventures into the creative interplay of a sculpture exhibition and dance performance. Dancers with diverse physical traits will dance among sculptures encompassing varying forms and textures, challenging the audience’s notions of beauty.

Mo4 Ngaan5 Tai2 – Juk6 (literal translation: “no eyes to see – desire”) is a sequel to Tsang’s acclaimed 2019 work Mo Ngaan Tai, which has received multiple invitations to perform overseas and in major local festivals. Definitely a must-see!

  • Suitable for ages 12 or above.

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