Discovering Percussion Music Workshop

Percussion music is fascinating – as Toolbox Percussion, a group of electrifying local percussionists, will show us in this captivating workshop designed for audiences of all levels. Through guided performance, demonstration and hands-on participatory experiences, students will learn about percussion instruments, beats and rhythms, ensemble playing, as well as miscellaneous musical knowledge.

For P.1 – P.6

Toolbox Percussion plays music using daily objects and guides young children to do the same using objects found on spot and the body, creating an interesting assortment of sounds and rhythms. While our young ones will get to train in listening, rhythmic and coordination skills, they will surely also have lots of fun!

For S.1 – S.6

Toolbox Percussion performs their very own works written for percussion and marimba as well as arrangements of classical pieces. Students will get to play along and have a glimpse of processes in music arrangement and creation.

Target: Primary 1 – Secondary 6
Anyone interested in music and integrated science
Programme Period: 2021.09 – 2021.11
Activities: Workshop
Duration: Approximately 60 minutes
Suggested Venue: School hall / Indoor activity space
Equipment Required: Sound system, microphones and projector
Set-up time: Approximately 60 minutes (onsite technical support is needed)
No. of Participants: TBC

Application and enquiry:

Hong Kong Arts Development Council reserves the right to add, withdraw or substitute artists and/ or vary advertised programmes. In case of dispute, the decision of HKADC is final.

Participating Artists

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Programme Period:
2021.09 – 2021.11

Free of charge on a first-come-first-served basis. Interested schools and teachers, please contact

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