Inuksuit An Outdoor Percussion Experience

Nature provides the materials for this workshop curated by Toolbox Percussion, who took the idea from John Luther Adams’ Inuksuit, a nature-inspired piece performed by multiple percussion players dispersed among a natural site, creating a truly magical soundscape.

In the workshop, the themes of wind, birdsongs and waves will be explored.

The first of the two sessions seeks to prepare the ears, where students will learn to identify the sounds of various percussion instruments and build their own ones.

The second takes place in the outdoors and encourages deep listening. In a park or the woods, students will gather leaves, branches and materials to complete their instruments, and engage in a dialogue with nature through a special performance.

Target: Primary 4 – Tertiary
Anyone intererested in music, arts and integrated science
Programme Period: 2021.09 – 2022.01
Activities: Workshop
Duration: Approximately 60 minutes for both sessions
Suggested Venue: 1ST session: Activity room
2nd session: Outdoor (TBC)
Equipment Required: 1st session: sound system, microphones, projector, desk and chair
Set-up time: 1st session: Approximately 60 minutes
No. of Participants: 20 for both sessions

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Programme Period:
2021.09 – 2022.01

Free of charge on a first-come-first-served basis. Interested schools and teachers, please contact

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Inuksuit An Outdoor Percussion Experience