Dream-inspired Music Creation Workshop

  • Participating Artists: Fung Lam
  • In Cantonese or English

Student instrumentalists will learn how to create a new composition collaboratively under the theme of “dream” with composer Fung Lam alongside a team of musicians in this workshop consisting of four sessions.

The composer will begin the first session by guiding students through a selection of dream-inspired music and teach essential musical elements including forms, tonalities, rhythms and styles. As the sessions progress, students will share and explore their own musical ideas in a practical way, engage in discussions, and learn various techniques in improvisation and ensemble playing. Finally, the group will create a new piece together and have the chance toperform at an in-school showcase.

This interactive workshop is designed to enhance young musicians’ understanding of the creative process, encourage them to work collectively and use their ears and imagination critically, as well as increase their confidence, creativity and communication skills.

Target: Secondary 1 – 4
String, wind or band member. Anyone Interested in creative music making and jamming
Students should bring their own musical instruments
Programme Period: 2021.09 – 2021.12
Activities: Workshop
Duration: 4 sessions in total, approximately 2 hours per session
Suggested Venue: Activity room
Equipment Required: White/blackboard (preferably with music staff board), simple music playback system
No. of Participants: 12 – 20

Application and enquiry:

Hong Kong Arts Development Council reserves the right to add, withdraw or substitute artists and/ or vary advertised programmes. In case of dispute, the decision of HKADC is final.

Participating Artists

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Programme Period:
2021.09 – 2021.12

Free of charge on a first-come-first-served basis. Interested schools and teachers, please contact jcnap@hkadc.org.hk

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