“TALES OF FOOLS” Educational Theatre

People are often inspired by tales of courageous heroes. As for stories of the Fools, are there wisdom and insight to be gleaned?

Combining elements from chou (male clown) roles in Cantonese opera, Western pierrot and commedia dell’arte, a series of dark comedy sketches encourages students to explore some of the most famous historical stories. When faced with seemingly impossible missions, how do we make use of humor and wit to ease the tension and save the situation?

Deeply grounded in physical theatre, Théâtre de la Feuille re-enacts these classic events with dramatic tension while students are guided to engage in reflections and discussions. The performance is accompanied by Chinese music with minimal setting, and allows students to learn about various styles of performances including the elements of ‘singing’, ‘acting’, ‘reciting’ and ‘acrobatic fighting’ in Cantonese operas and comedies in Western theatre.

Target: Primary 3 or above
Anyone interested in history, drama, physical theatre
Programme Period: 2021.09 – 2021.12
Activities: Tour performance
Duration: Approximately 90 minutes
Suggested Venue: School hall / Outdoor playground (Sufficient access for over-the-road vehicle and seating for audience)
Equipment Required: Audio Player, Projector
No. of Participants: Approximately 100

Application and enquiry:

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Participating Artists

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Programme Period:
2021.09 – 2021.12

Free of charge on a first-come-first-served basis. Interested schools and teachers, please contact jcnap@hkadc.org.hk

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