Table(s) of contents: Clear Mirror, Still Water

【Programme Update】

The lecture performance Clear Mirror, Still Water originally held on 21, 23 January 2022 (Fri, Sun) will be cancelled and changed to online streaming.

Premiere Time: 23 January 2022 (Sun) 20:00

Live Streaming on JCNAP Facebook/YouTube

Event Information

Soho Yard (19 Old Bailey Street, Central)
2022.01.21 21:00
2022.01.23 21:00

Ikebana artist arrange flowers in the vase, while actor explore the world within the theatre.  Theatre and flowers have maintained a deep relationship in Japanese culture. “The Legend of Kazeka” is amongst the works of Zeami Motokiyo, renowned playwright in the early Muromachi period, that uses ‘flowers’ to discuss the various theories of classical Japanese dance-drama Noh.

Actor Lam Pui-lim Anson and Ikebana artist Verdy Leung are greatly influenced by Japanese culture. They both work relentlessly on their artistic skills, spiritual cultivation, and observe and reflect on human emotions and worldly reasoning through stage performance and ikebana. During the performance talk, both artists will share their many insights as they live through the blossoming and withering of flowers or the rise and fall of the curtains.

  • In Cantonese, for approximately 40 minutes.
  • Suitable for ages 12 or above.
  • Free admission, registration required.

Verdy Leung (Ikebana and Multimedia Artist)

Professor of Ikebana, chairperson of the Ikenobo Hong Kong Chapter, and a renowned floral and multimedia artist bases in Hong Kong. He started his training in Ikenobo ikebana with the founder the Ikenobo Hong Kong Chapter, Prof. Annie Tse. He graduated from The Ikenobo Central Training Institute of Ikebana in Kyoto, Japan and studied under grand masters of ikebana, Hideo Shibata and Morihiko Furugawa, at the Institute.

Starting as a multimedia artist, Leung’s creative works have been awarded and exhibited internationally, including Canada, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, etc. His video work was selected as a finalist in Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards “Short Video Competition” section.  He has received awards from The Ikenobo Central Institute in four consecutive years and from “Kyuutanabata Ikebana Exhibition”, competition section.  He is also the first Ikebana artist to be selected in International Floral Art.

Anson Lam (Theatre Performer)

Awardee of Artist of the Year (Drama) of the 15th Hong Kong Arts Development Awards, Artistic Director of “Yakusha Theatre” as well as an actor and body movement instructor. He graduated as valedictorian from the Nihon University College of Art with a major in theatre acting. He then joined Tokyo Theatre Company Kaze and Theatre Project Tokyo as resident actor. He also played the lead in My Lyrical Age, an award-winning Japanese film in the 31st Pia Film Festival of Japan.

House Programme

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  • Hong Kong Arts Development Council fully supports freedom of artistic expression. The views and opinions expressed in this programme do not represent the stand of the Council nor the Funder.

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Event Information

Soho Yard (19 Old Bailey Street, Central)
2022.01.21 20:00
2022.01.23 20:00

Free Admission, pre-registration is required.

Online registration starts on 11am, 28 December

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