Table(s) of contents: Flow to unfold

【Programme Update】

The lecture performance Flow to unfold originally held from 14 to 15 January 2022 (Fri-Sat) will be cancelled and changed to online streaming.

Premiere Time: 15 January 2022 (Sat) 20:00

Live Streaming on JCNAP Facebook/YouTube

Event Information

Soho Yard (19 Old Bailey Street, Central)
2022.01.14-15 21:00

Though dancing with grace in the swimming pool and stage acting in the theatre seem to be very different art forms, Wong Sze-yi, artistic swimmer, and Janice Poon, playwright and Dramaturg, found something in common – the “flow” of time. Time tells the demand for exact arrangements of rhythm, power and tension is just as profound whether dancing in the pool or acting on a stage.

The two artistic creators Wong Sze-yi and Janice Poon have jointly revisited their well-treaded experience to discover their artistic convergence in the flow of invisible time and space. During the lecture performance, they invite audience to discover their inner power and bring to light their potential.

  • In Cantonese, for approximately 40 minutes.
  • Suitable for ages 12 or above.
  • Free admission, registration required.

Janice Poon (Playwright & Theatre Dramaturg)

Janice Poon is a Senior Lecturer (Playwriting and Dramaturgy) and Academic Project Officer in the School of Drama at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. She is also the Artistic Director of Hong Kong Dramatists. She engages in interdisciplinary and intercultural creative work through playwriting, directing, dramaturgy and curating. She is a frequent speaker and workshop master at international theatre conferences and festivals, and her works have been presented in major cities in Europe, the U.S., China and other Asian countries. And Then, I Float won four major awards and was nominated best play at the Hong Kong Theatre Libre (2014), while Small Waisted won the Multicultural Short Plays Competition organised by UNESCO International Theatre Institute in 2016. Online theatre Pornography was selected as one of the Featured Works of the IATC(HK) Critics Award 2020.

Wong Sze-yi (Artistic Swimmer & Instructor)

An avid performer who enjoys being on stage, she is also a keen listener who travels deep into people’s untold stories. Wong currently works as a social worker and coach of the Hong Kong Youth Artistic Swimming Promotion Scheme.


Wong practised Chinese dance as a child and has studied gymnastics for a few years. She spent the summer practising swimming after completing the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination and passed the swimming test at the age of 18. She eventually participated in the Youth Artistic Swimming Promotion Scheme organised by Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association.


Wong is the only swimmer in Hong Kong who is not trained by the Hong Kong Artistic Swimming Squad. In recent years, she has involved in services relating to judging and coaching artistic swimming, helping to promote the development of the sport in Hong Kong.

House Programme

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  • Hong Kong Arts Development Council fully supports freedom of artistic expression. The views and opinions expressed in this programme do not represent the stand of the Council nor the Funder.

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Event Information

Soho Yard (19 Old Bailey Street, Central)
2022.01.14-15 21:00

Free Admission, pre-registration is required.

Online registration starts on 11am, 28 December

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