Table(s) of contents: Duck and Cover

【Programme Update】

The lecture performance Duck and Cover originally held from 14 to 15 January 2022 (Fri-Sat) will be cancelled and changed to online streaming.

Premiere Time: 15 January 2022 (Sat) 21:00

Live Streaming on JCNAP Facebook/YouTube

Event Information

Soho Yard (19 Old Bailey Street, Central)
2022.01.14-15 20:00

“Duck and Cover” is a term that originates from a civil defence guide film produced by the US Government during the Cold War in the 1950s. It educated the people to be vigilant against atomic bomb attaches at all times. Despite the pandemic, Hong Kong people still have a desire for appetising and flavoursome cuisine. Gourmet shops featuring fine foods and diverse products have infiltrated into local communities and captivated the citizens.

Drawing on a similar theme of crisis and emergency prevention, Theatre Director Ata Wong, Chef & Visual Artist Cam Wong will demonstrate the cooking of a dish named ‘Duck and Cover’. The duo will also introduce various foods for consideration in times of emergency, so that audiences still have different choices in the face of disaster.

  • In Cantonese, for approximately 40 minutes.
  • Suitable for ages 12 or above.
  • Free admission, registration required.

Ata Wong (Theatre Director)

Ata Wong is a director, choreographer, actor, physical acting coach and drama instructor. He is currently serving as Artist-in-residence at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts’ (HKAPA) School of Drama.

Wong graduated from HKAPA and École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. Since founding Théâtre de la Feuille in 2010, he has created productions that have toured worldwide. He has also contributed to numerous stage productions, movies (as movement coach) and concerts.

In 2019, his outstanding contributions to arts and culture received official commendation from the Hong Kong SAR Government. He also won Director of the Year at the IATC (HK) Critics Awards 2019, Best Director and Best Performance at the Hong Kong Theatre Libre 2019 and Award for Young Artist (Drama) at the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2017. He is the recipient of the Asian Cultural Society’s Altius Fellowship 2021, through which he seeks to explore traditional and contemporary art forms in Japan, and establish exchange opportunities between Japan and Hong Kong.

Cam Wong (Chef & Visual Artist)

Cam Wong graduated from Fine Arts from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and is the recipient of the Kyoto Mayor Award, Tsuzurakai Exhibition, Japan in 2010. Her works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, Taiwan. Her works become permanent collections of Kandu Museum of Fine arts Taipei and Instituto Cultural do Governo da Macau.

Wong started her food journey studying Spanish culinary at Le Cordon Bleu Madrid. She worked in restaurant Catalunya, A side/B side in Hong Kong and Bo.Lan in Bangkok. In 2016, Wong was one of the four chosen chefs in Feeding Frenzy, curated by soundpocket and Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong. With all these experiences under her belt, Cam kick-started the Chef-Incubator program at PMQ Taste Kitchen and started to create her own menu, which she collaborated with Test Kitchen HK and MOTD.

House Programme

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  • Hong Kong Arts Development Council fully supports freedom of artistic expression. The views and opinions expressed in this programme do not represent the stand of the Council nor the Funder.

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Event Information

Soho Yard (19 Old Bailey Street, Central)
2022.01.14-15 20:00

Free Admission, pre-registration is required.

Online registration starts on 11am, 28 December

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